In an effort to keep up with the competition in the TV tracker scene, we have decided to adapt this new rule set.

It has been proven to be successful on other TV trackers and thus we too, feel like we have to evolve.

We believe in delivering the best TV watching experience possible.

This cannot be guaranteed by allowing sources such as, but not limited to: Blu-ray / DVD discs and iTunes WEB-DL's as they are stripped of features like pop-in ads, channel logos and twitter hash tags.

The imperfect picture quality that can only be achieved through lossy MPEG broadcasts is truly unrivaled by any other medium and is the essence of what makes our beloved TV shows stand apart from hollywood movies.

The current rules will be changed tonight, but do not apply retroactively. They are as follows:

The use of Blu-ray, DVD and digital downloads (such as iTunes, also know as WEB-DL) is forbidden.

Cutting out ads is no longer mandatory, as they enhance the TV experience even further.

We hope you feel as excited about these changes as we are, and wish you happy TV watching for many years to come!

//Your BTN staff team