A Mysterious Upload Contest for June

There is foul play afoot in the streets of PassThePopcorn. We are all in danger and no one is safe because there is a killer on the loose and the only way to catch them is to upload a ton of movies! This month we'll need everyone's help to figure out just exactly "JuneDunnit?"

All uploads tagged with the genre "MYSTERY" or "THRILLER" will receive 24 hour freeleech, and they'll all count toward your total on the leaderboard.

Post your uploads in the contest thread, if you do the entry bonus is 10k!

SeedMyBox wants this mystery solved as much as we do, so not only will the winner receive a 1GB VPS, not only will second place receive a 2012 Platinum Seedbox, not only only will third place receive a 2011 Platinum Seedbox, but a 2010 GOLD SEEDBOX WILL BE AWARDED TO A RANDOM PERSON WHO FINISHES IN THE TOP 50!!!

Source: PassThePopcor