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    [HD] HD-Space (HDS)

    Tracker Name: HD-Space (HDS)
    Tracker URL: http://hd-space.org/
    Tracker Genre: HD
    Tracker Type: Ratio Based
    Registration: Currently open

    Tracker Statistics
    Torrents Categories
    Torrents Browse Page
    Member Classes
    IRC Details

    Introduction: If you are an HD lover, come and make out. You may not find a large quantity right now, though its growing all the time, you will find decent amount of stuff you may not find elsewhere. If you are into movies, you may want to peruse through about twice or thrice a week. There does seem hope for this tracker unless it becomes sterile in terms of member involvement. They could do well if they gave many more incentives to uploaders as this would really encourage more content on the tracker.


    Tracker Statistics:

    Torrents Categories:

    Torrents Browse Page:



    Member Classes:

    IRC Details:

    Server irc.p2p-network.net
    Port 6667
    SSL port +7000
    Channel(s) #hdspace, #help


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