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    [HD] Bit-HDTV (BHD)

    Tracker Name: Bit-HDTV (BHD)
    Tracker URL: http://www.bit-hdtv.com/
    Tracker Genre: HD
    Tracker Type: Ratio Based
    Registration: Closed (Invite Only)

    Tracker Statistics
    Torrents Categories
    Torrents Browse Page
    Torrents Freeleech
    Bonus System
    Member Classes
    IRC Details

    Introduction: I like this tracker and content is good too, the design is nice too, the content is good and the staff are very helpful. They dont PM anyone user for donations ever! if you dont have any specialise tracker for HD content, then this is a good one to join. most of the bit-hdtv users have good connections. is easy seeding, yellow torrents are freeleech, which means that the download amount won't be counted for you, but your upload will.


    Tracker Statistics:

    Torrents Categories:

    Torrents Browse Page:

    Torrents Freeleech:



    Bonus System:

    Member Classes:

    IRC Details:

    Server irc.p2p-network.net
    Port 6667
    SSL port -
    Channel(s) #BiT-HDTV



    Content: 8/10 Lots and lots of HD content from 1080p and 720p to BD rips.

    Community: 6/10 The forums are a great place to ask HD related questions but not much of a community outside that.

    Speeds: 8/10 Most everything downloads at fast speeds.
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