With the move successful, we can finally begin SceneHD's birthday week. The 7th year of SceneHD is about to draw to a close, and we are stronger than ever. We recently cracked the 170k peers barrier for a short period of time, we have almost 24k torrents, and almost half of you are seeding torrents.

Since the preparations for the move took up most of our time this past few weeks, we do not have anything "special" in store for you, just the "usual":

Birthday invites: For a little over a week, you can buy special invites in the bonus shop. Those invites are offered at a reduced cost of 100p, but are only valid until April 22 after which all remaining birthday invites and invite codes will be deleted. Please note that all restrictions and rules associated with normal invites still apply. The only exception is that you will be able to send out those invites regardless of the site's current monthly donation amount.

Freeleech tokens: Every user has been given 5 freeleech tokens to be used on archive torrents of your choice (certain restrictions apply). These tokens expire when you complete the torrent or after 24h. All freeleech tokens not used by April 22 will be deleted. This also includes all tokens won by challenging the god prior and during the birthday week!

150% upload: There will be no freeleech, but the site has been set to 150% upload. This means all data uploaded is multiplied by 1.5, including upload counted for bonus!