2014.04.17 - despite the non-mainstream, but to make personnel - the advantages of non-commercial websites, they can still try to describe their views

The following says, are qiuda truth, if offended, please forgive me!
This is a specifically about sharing site, which belongs to a friend of different nationalities, different sex site
We excluded fairly resistance publish Remux, the purpose is to share
Under the conditions Remux occupy part of the resources of the server, Home Remux species appear broken, I can not tolerate
The new station newcomer, Remux itself less number of downloads, how can you bear species off for no reason?
Therefore, I myself will stop immediately after seeding shield download the IP, even if you have a face-lift, I am still very likely to know you, your future is probably not a trace of the data obtained from me
After all, is not permanently open registration, please PM me some of "Why can not I connect seed" friends attention!
Site is small, integrity is still, in front of the principle of hope that we can be more understanding!

PS Google translated.