Hi guys,

Well there is no easy way to say this and I will not sugar coat it at all, ill get right to the point and give you as much info as I can.

What has happened

* Paypal has frozen our funds and cancelled our accounts (All 3!)

* Our server company that this site is hosted on has sent us letter forcing us to take down the site
Due to illegal activity on the server

What are we going to do

* Rebuild a new site - new hosting - new payment method

How long will BHD be down?

* 2-4 weeks max.

Am I safe?

* Yes you are safe there is nothing to be worried about its only to do with the owners what we have our names on eg: Paypal - OVH Server hosting

Should I delete my torrents?

* No p lease keep them in your clients. the tracker will be off line but as soon as the new site is up then you will
be able to update the tracker and carry on seeding.

What about my account?

* I've saved the whole DB I will be able to restore your account on the new site. including awards , points , ratio , etc.

I've donated what about that ?

I have all records of those that have donated so I will give you back your VIP time and points and ratio etc once the new site is up.

Can BHD still be contacted during this rebuild time?

* yes

FaceBook - https://www.facebook.com/mybhd
Twitter - https://twitter.com/BeyondHD_
Ports : +6667 | +6697(SSL)
Server : irc.beyondhd.me
Vhost : Available
Channel(s): #beyondhd | #bhd_support | #bhd_announce | #bhd_radio | #bhd_trivia

Anything else?

Were sorry guys truly am, its a risk but a risk we took so its all on us. If we see you on the other side then we are truly grateful that you have followed us
for a 3rd time and with luck the last time.


^STAL | ^r3