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    [HD] HQSource (HQS)

    Tracker Name: HQSource (HQS)
    Tracker URL: http://hqsource.org/
    Tracker Genre: HD
    Tracker Type: Ratio Based
    Registration: Closed (Invite Only)

    Torrents Categories
    Torrents Browse Page
    Torrents Freeleech
    Bonus System
    Member Classes
    IRC Details

    Introduction: HQS is a HD / HQ polish tracker. On the tracker that you can find many internal encodes by ELiTE group, is very interesting tracker for Polish users, but most encodes have dual audio including english o the original language, so i see that it can be interesting for everyone.


    Torrents Categories:

    Torrents Browse Page:

    Torrents Freeleech:



    Bonus System:

    Member Classes:

    IRC Details:

    Server irc.p2p-network.net
    Port 6667
    SSL port -
    Channel(s) #HQSource


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