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    HDCity Freeleech and Signup opens

    Freeleech Engaged till May 2nd
    World Intellectual Property Day - April 26

    On April 26 every year, World Intellectual Property Day we Celebrate in Order to Promote discussion of the role of intellectual property (IP) in Encouraging innovation and Creativity. In 2014 we Celebrate: Movies - A Global Passion One hundred years ago on a Dusty California Lot, Charlie Chaplin Created the Tramp, Arguably Inventing the modern Film in the Process. As an Actor Chaplin Brought pathos, Nuance, and Depth of character to the Screen. As a Director he Embraced new technologies and Explored .. new avenues for the Medium As a Producer he Developed Innovative means of Financing and Distribution, Helping to Create the modern and Establishing Film Film Industry as One of the MOST Popular art Forms Around the world A century later, movies are a global Passion - for the millions who watch them every day and for the hundreds of thousands who work in the global film industry. The writers and actors, directors and producers, the editors, composers and designers, the sound and light technicians, the creators of special effects and new technologies:. each One of the contributing Their Spark Creativity and Innovative Collaborative genius to this MOST of works With More Countries More films coming from every Day - and More means of Dissemination, on Screens large and small - we all Benefit The movies have Come. . a long way since Chaplin's Tramp But their effect on us - the pleasure, and the passion - remains the same. city free to 5/2. HD City is committed to provide you with a video communication environment, while promoting mutual learning, gain experience and improve creativity.

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    Very interesting, thank you

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    Oh Yeah Very Good This Purpose

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