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    For the last few days the site has been under a Brute Force Log In Attack.

    In basic terms this means people are trying to steal passwords and accounts here.

    The measures we put in place to circumvent the DDoS attacks a few months back have slowed these attacks and alongside our own safe measures here that block repeated log in attempts we believe that all the accounts here remain safe.

    Having said that we would like to remind our users to please make sure you have a good, strong password and that you do not use the same passwords as you do on other sites.

    Many sites do not use the same level of security as we do and should they be breached and your passwords are the same as here... Well, you see how easy you would make it for them.

    If you feel your password is weak, or used elsewhere, now would be a good time to change it.

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    Thank you very much,Important information
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    thanks for this information this tracker is useful

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