We offer you 2 important information,

1 ) In order to improve the seeding of releases from May 1, introduced a rule to double the overall upload torrent , where count is 7 seeders and less people. Simply put - take on the old storage and heavy releases with a small number of CMV handing out and get a bunch of double apload + bonuses ( which can also be exchanged for an increase to the download) .
Surrendered to traffic for you just doubled intervals ( 30-60 minutes ) , when the distribution was 7 or less seeders ( in intervals of 8 or more is considered a standard single Seeding upload ) .

2) use one of the human voice for sound:
In the absence of a license or information on the timing of its appearance - possible releases new products movie with odnogoloskami authors 1st or 2nd group.
The first group - Voice magnificent seven ( Serbin, Gavrilov, Zhivov Volodarsky Vizgunov Gorchakov , Nemaha ) .
The second group - the voice of the second tier of the old guard and the proven youth ( Alekseev, Dol'skij , Karpovskiy , Esarev and others). Such as the main voice permissible option for old movies ( until 1990 ) without any normal Russian voice , and for new films in the absence of a translation from the authors of the 1st group and as an additional track in the release.
Voice of the fans are prohibited ( hdclub lovers in understanding it all , who is not currently included in group 1 or 2 + projects for busy web and at home ).

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