As the title says bluehaven is being forced into closing.
The past few months have been up and down with a lot of things happening that should never have been agreed to happening.
Since then we have been informed and have proof that Paul has in the past grassed sites for "sharing"
There has been rumours already started and we wanted to set the record straight about this.
We are putting our members safety first and have taken the steps to close the site before he has the chance to do anything.
It is with deep regret that things have come to this but we are sure all will agree that members safety must come first.
The site fees have all been paid up until the 16th May and shortly after they will go offline. Thats not taking into account anything does happen before then where i will wipe the servers without a second thought.
We will not take any risks on the safety or security of any member.
We would like to take this chance to say a massive Thank You for all your loyalty and continued support in the past and now but most of all the friendship we have built with so many of you.
We will never forget our friends and family from bluehaven and hope that each and everyone of you will stay safe and find a good place to call home.
Hopefully we will still see many of you around but for now its goodbye from haven owners and staff.

Got this on an email