To 100k and Beyond

Patience brings clarity, that clarity let us wait and while we waited we planned. Now as we see dawn break and the first rays of light begin to destroy that last dark night, we shall see our plans come to life, and we shall deliver our revenge upon our enemies. We will walk streets littered with their bodies, and all our wine will be laced with their blood. This is our time, this is our VENGEANCE!

It's time to hit the finish line folks, there's 750 to go before we hit 100K movies on the site. Let's make that final push and really show the world and ourselves why you guys make PassThePopcorn is the best site on the planet. We, as a staff are constantly amazed at how you have all built such an amazing community, and how you have all built such an amazing collection. We are humbled to be custodians of this magnum opus that you have all built, thank you for giving us the privilege of witnessing it's creation and helping to make history. We you all!

Another humbling truth is that we must big farewell to our dear budgie, he has worked tirelessly to help make PTP a better place, and he deserves to put the sheet over the cage and relax a bit before he moves on to real life, and much bigger and better things. Thank you friend for all the kindness you've shown, and all the kindness I was lucky enough to witness from you. You've shown us all how to act with grace.

Enjoy your walk with the Legends, you've definitely earned it
Please say your thanks and any other kind words to him in this thread.

All uploads of films tagged on IMDB as Mystery, Drama, or Romance (hint hint, you can find a bunch under the "Crime" tag on IMDB) will receive 24 hour freeleech, and they'll all count toward your total on the leaderboard.

Post your uploads in the contest thread to receive the ONE TIME entry bonus of 10k!
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