We know new torrents aren't seeding just yet - please give it some time while all the remaining issues are hammered out. Thanks!

Hey folks,

As you all know, we had loads of downtime the past month. Of course we didn't want this ourselves, and it was kind of unexpected. The major causes for this downtime were the repeated DDoSing, and ultimately our first server crapping out on us.

We're back though. Better than ever. Faster than ever. We're going to hang around.

We've gotten a new server to host mutracker on and we will be getting Cloudflare in the near future. Yes, SSL support is currently disabled but this will be fixed ASAP. All your torrents are fine, and there has been no database purge this time. If your torrents are listed as inactive, please update trackers for all of your mutracker torrents.

Thanks for sticking around and being the best userbase out there. We have some cool stuff coming for you guys.