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    [h=2]NordicBits News[/h]

    Google Translation:




    Finally, the server has been wiped off and what a thick layer of dust.

    All messages older than 30 days are deleted and in the future they are deleted after 90 days.

    A lot of dead torrents and all their contents have been deleted and a bunch of other stuff.

    Now I only need to do some after polish. If you experience any kind of problem related to the cleanup, then just say so.




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    Donor Offers


    After 9 weeks of hospitalization and 3 operations, I am now back in full force and have made this super donor offer for you.

    Check out our donation offers (and what you're getting in return)

    Anyone who purchases a donor package participates in the seedbox competition.

    New donor competition every month. Winner for the previous month, published on 1

    Offer valid throughout September

    NB is funded only by donations...please donate


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    Changes in categories

    First sorry for the late announce and not least for those who use autodl/rss here.

    We chose to change the setup of our categories, since the other setup was a bit too confusing for some and even I thought that some was ridiculous.
    It was me who got the idea to change the movies/tv categories and with a help from an excellent torrent moderator, we got up with this nice setup.

    So if you're upset about the changes and have something to complain about, then just write directly to me or use the helpdesk. Not that it would help, but then you tried and got a little less upset by it.

    We also ran into some problems with our irc server, while I was working on the categories. Not that the changes was the blame for it, though. Just typical that problems turn up, when working on another project.
    I'm not sure that the announces are working again, since I didn't have the time to watch the channel until now, but I'll keep an eye on it.

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    Google Translation:



    STAFF is terrific and is looking for some STAFF aspirants in a hurry.

    We've had free sign in the last week and new users are pouring in to us, in a number we didn't even dream of.

    In order to serve all our users, we need more hands.

    Then you go with a dream of becoming part of STAFF, then you have a chance now - Noone knows when this unique chance again arises.

    Don't hold back, but write to U*** and write a little about yourself and why we should just choose you as one of our STAFF aspirants

    Experience is not necessary as training will take place. Feel your application "aspirant"

    We look forward to hearing from you and, not least, get to know you.



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