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GardenCenterStage | GCS | Music | 2019 Review

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GardenCenterStage | GCS | Music | 2019 Review













Name =align:>

GardenCenterStage =align:>





Tracker URL =align:>

gardencenterstage.org =align:>





Tracker Genre =align:>

Music =align:>





Tracker Type =align:>

Ratio Based =align:>





Bonus System =align:>

No =align:>





Seed Difficulty =align:>

Hard =align:>





Tracker Signup =align:>

Closed / Invites Only =align:>





Banned Countries =align:>

None =align:>





IRC Channel =align:>

- =align:>















This review is an exclusivity for TIZ. No living soul has done a review for this tracker before and I will probably be hunted by music-loving hitmen for the rest of my life for this.


GardenCenterStage is the most private Music tracker on planet Earth and nearby galaxies.


With over 33k torrents, content includes a massive collection of Flac files ripped and uploaded by a community of Music enthousiasts that share the same drive for quality and rare releases.


More than a tracker, The " Garden " define itself as " a group of friends here to listen to, share, and celebrate music'. As advertised by the staff : " We want to provide as many torrents as we can at the highest quality possible. However, our priority is quality, not quantity."


Maintaining a good ratio is hard, there is no Freeleech Torrents and no seedbonus system to help. The Only way to build a buffer is to upload torrents or wait for a Global Freelech also called " Beautiful Harvesting ".


Joining GardenCenterStage is... Impossible. The tracker has been around for almost a decade and there is less than 200 members as I write this review. To invite someone a member need to fill an application and answer questions such as " why this person should be invited " , " is he an uploader at other sites " and so on. Staff has the final word and ... well, they are less than 200 ...


The best Music tracker you will never be able to join, that's what The Garden is. Enjoy the screenshots, chances are that's all you will ever see from this tracker...


























































































































Speed 8/10
Pre-time -/10
Content 9/10
Community 8/10
Overall 8/10





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