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    [h=2]RetroWithin news - We're back![/h]

    Hello Everyone,


    After a good stretch of trials and tribulations, RetroWithin is back up and running. Same staff, same great community, and no more Hostfile hacks to get here. Please bear with us as we continue to bring all our services back up; of particular note is that presently we're unable to send emails, so new users and requests to change emails aren't working quite yet. The tracker is up and working, but you will need to either re-download your .torrent files, or update the tracker's URL for those torrents you've been seeding or downloaded prior to the outage. Those of you who are at a loss for how to do this can post in the forum or hop on IRC for some help.


    We're glad to be back.

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    [h=2]RetroWithin news[/h]

    My Torrents Don't Work - Wat Do? (AKA: How to Get Your Torrents Working Again)


    Torrent files each have a web address programmed into them that tells them where the tracker lives and who you are, usually called the announce URL or the torrent URL. If you downloaded a torrent file before we came back up (late March, 2019), your client is looking for love in all the wrong places by trying to contact the old address. To get things working again, you can either download the torrent files again -- they'll automatically be updated with the new address -- or you can edit the 'Announce URL' in your torrent client's settings. Transmission users can do "transmission-edit -r oldurl newurl
    ", and utorrent allows mass-editing of torrent properties by selecting multiples and then going to properties. Please note that your passkey is unique to your user and remains the same; don't share it if you end up asking for help!


    The new announce URL is:


    TL;DR: Re-download the torrent file and reload it into your client, OR edit the tracker/announce url from:

    to announce.php?passkey=



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    [h=2]Retro Within News[/h]

    Lottery Results


    The following users have each been given upload credit as a result of their tickets being randomly chosen in this month's Lottery:


    6.13 GB B****

    6.13 GB W****

    6.13 GB p***

    6.13 GB A****

    6.13 GB S****




    NOTE: You must be a Power User or above to participate in the Lottery.

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    Fall 2020 Update

    Hello everyone,

    It is indeed the year 2020, and all of our lives have been affected. We are aware that some things have unfortunately fallen by the wayside as life called us away. Please keep in mind that this site is run entirely by unpaid volunteers. However, we are finding our second wind and ramping up to give this community the attention it deserves. In the coming days, a few changes related to management of the site will be occurring as we prune AFK staff members and promote outstanding members to bolster our staff ranks. Various other housework and dusting is also occurring in the background.

    Always remember that we are here to help make this community shine, and we hope that our renewed energy will result in a resurgence of energy from the community.


    RW Staff

    P.S. There may be a surprise at the end of this transition 

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    Fall 2020 Update, Part 2

    Hello everyone,

    It is with a sad heart that we say goodbye to N***, S***, and T*** from our staff. Words cannot describe the contributions these three made towards getting this site up and running and setting us forward on our current path, and we are sad to see them leave our ranks due to real-life events. We are forever grateful for their contributions and wish them all the best.


    RW Staff

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    Fall 2020 Update, Part 3

    Hello everyone,

    Today, we have some exciting news. K*** and B*** have been added to our ranks as Torrent Moderators, and i*** as Global Moderator. We would like to warmly welcome them to the team!

    Additionally, S*** has been promoted to Administrator, and s*** has been promoted to Tech Administrator. These two, along with i***, have provided much-needed support and helped keep the community running, so we would like to recognize their ongoing contributions!


    RW Staff

    P.S. As an added bonus for your patience during this time, we are announcing a surprise safe year increase!!!! The site-wide safe year has been bumped to 2006 effective immediately 

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