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    [h=2]BwTorrents News[/h]

    BWTorrents - Where content and community come in perfect harmony



    BWT has been an iconic torrent community site. Ever since it went down back in the day, we have always thought about reviving the legend.The time has come now.


    We present you BWTorrents.tv. A new and improved site.


    The site has been build from scratch. There will be some initial issues/bugs. As the site goes live, we will work deligently to iron out any issues and improve the site experience.


    One would ask how BWT is different from other torrent site. Here at BWT, we aim to build a healthy community while sharing content. We welcome members from all over. We want to provide a site where apart from content, members can ejoy their stay at site. Interact, chat, share experiences.


    The site is free for all. We have a diverse and very strong staff who are willing to help you in every way possible. Lets start a family, not just a file sharing site.

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    [h=2]BwTorrents News- Freeleech[/h]

    Dear Members,


    We have decided to put an end to Freeleech to torrents under 10GB. Torrents upto 10GB and above will be Freeleech with 2x Upload. You are required to seed back what you have leeched to a minimum 1:1 or else you will get a system warning and if you fail to improve your ratio, you will end up in loosing your account.


    If you have low ratio, you have a good chance to leech and seed back the freeleech torrents as they all are marked as 2x upload.



    BWT Management

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    Freeleech is over for now.

    Dear BWTians

    We at bwt are here to provide you good entertainment and for this purpose we created this site and made it Freeleech. But SOME users take advantage of this. They download and do not seed back. In this way they are killing the purpose of sharing. We believe in sharing is caring but they just download and stop torrent. So staff has decided to remove Freeleech for now and implement HNR (Hit and Run). However, torrents having 10GB+ size will be auto-set as freeleech.

    It doesn't mean that site will not be Freeleech at all. Site will be Freeleech whenever staff think that it is time to make it Freeleech.

    Staff will keep you informed whenever it is decided to make site Freeleech.

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