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    [h=2]BroadCity News[/h]

    Google Translation:


    Festivity Gifts


    Hello there,


    We would like to celebrate your Ramadan holiday with our best wishes. As a holiday gift;



    User: 50GB Upload + 1 Invitation

    Power User: 100GB Upload + 1 Invitation

    Super User: 150GB Upload + 1 Invitation

    Gold User: 250GB Upload + 1 Invitation

    VIP: 500GB Upload + 1 Invitation

    Super VIP: 500GB Upload + 1 Invitation


    It is given.



    Broadcity | BDCs

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    [h=2]Broadcity News[/h]

    Google Translate:




    • We will have completed our first year as of 01.11.2019.

    • We would like to thank all our members for their support.

    • 100 GB upload will be given to all members who are special for 1 year.

    • All presentations between 01.11.2019 / 30.11.2019 are designated as Free-Leech. (So ​​your downloads will not be reflected in your account in any way. Only upload values ​​will be processed into your account.)

    • Hit-Run will be closed from 01.11.2019 to 30.11.2019.

    • We are pleased to announce to you that the memberships will be open for a very short time on 01.11.2019.


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    [h=2]BroadCity News[/h]

    Google Translation:


    New Year Lottery




    I would like to inform you about the New Year event we have prepared for Broadcity members,


    • All users can participate in the lottery.

    • You can participate in the lottery by paying 10₺.

    • A user can only participate once.

    Lottery results will be announced on 01.01.2020 and will be recorded during the lottery and the lottery results (Video) will be shared with you.


    Gifts are as follows,


    1. ♛Super VIP

    2. 1 Year IPTV

    3. 1 Year Vip

    4. 6 Months IPTV

    5. 6 Months Vip

    6. 3 Months IPTV

    7. 3 Months Vip

    8. 1 Month IPTV

    9. 1 Month Vip

    by clicking on the image. Note:
    After payment, you only need to share the payment number in the comments section. Users who do not specify a payment number will not get validated


    We are already celebrating the new year with all Broadcity members, Hope to see many healthy years.



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    [h=2]BroadCity (BDC) News[/h]

    Google Translation:

    IPTV Campaign


    IPTV Campaign




    As of 25.02.2020, we present our 1 month iptv members with 6 month VIP purchases.


    1 month
    IPTV free for 6 months
    area !!!

    IPTV for 1 year
    area is free !!!


    1 year
    IPTV free for Super VIP area !!!



    I would like to announce to all our members that we continue our standard IPTV sales here.


    1 month
    30 TL

    3 months
    70 TL

    6 months
    120 TL

    1 year
    200 TL

    You can reach us 24/7 via
    or via



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