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Here you can sell your Points directly.

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The rates to sell Points are :

1000 POINTS = 1$.

I will buy all the points you have instantly with Bitcoin only, no other cryptocurrency. In case something is wrong with BTC fees you will be paid with ETH, but only in worst case scenario, otherwise you will most likely get BTC only!

Minimum amount you can sell is : 500 Points.

In case I don't have the funds available to pay you instantly for your Points, I will pay you on queque. Then pay you as soon as I have the funds.

Points exchanging Queque.

#1 As priority - @Amias - 747,861 Points must be exchanged ~ETA UNKNOWN - Added on queque on 5/11/2020 - asked BTC address be request upon sending and kept secret

#2 As priority - @Olpers - 256,007 Points must be exchanged ~ETA UNKNOWN - Added on queque on 5/11/2020

I am working towards converting these people's Points into BTC as soon as possible.

Note to everyone : These Points can be used to instantly purchase accounts, invites, and anything else on torrentinvitez.com using Points in case you decide to use them go ahead. In case you may need something from the forum itself.

Not all Points qualify for exchanging, only bought Points qualify to be exchanged into BTC. Contest Points and highly rewarded for basically doing little to nothing won't be exhanged into BTC. Feel free to use them on the forum for whatever you want. But I'm not exchanging them.

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Olpers used up 155,000 of his pending Points, that means his total balance that needs to be exchanged was lowered on #3.

Therefore the queque will be easier to process faster.

I estimate 1 to 6 months for full queque processing, it is highly unknown when it will all be processed.

@Amias has high priority as he has been waiting for a long time for payment for his work as staff on TorrentInvitez.com.

@Olpers has low priority.

Priority adjusted.

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