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  • Cinematik | TIK | Movies | 2020 Review

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    Cinematik | TIK | Movies | 2020 Review


    Tracker Name Cinematik
    Tracker URL https://cinematik.net/
    Tracker Genre Old movies (foreign/arthouse)
    Tracker Type Ratio-based
    Tracker Signup Invite only
    Seeding Difficulty Medium
    Bonus System None
    Banned Countries None
    Tracker IRC Server: irc.p2p-network.net / SSL Port: 6697 or 7000 [Non-SSL Port: 6669] / Channel: #Cinematik
    • Tracker Description
    • Cinematik.net / Cinematik – is quite popular and developed tracker that by title and by content is completely dedicated to the films of various genres. And, you will not find there trendy Hollywood blockbusters, soap operas or naive movies about steep cops and terminators. The main specialization of the resource – is DVD and HD discs of rare genre films: art-house, classic, western, experimental movies and other stuff.
    • The place to be if you like old/niche movies! Like its similars Karagarga and Secret-Cinema, Cinematik strives to be a tight community for arthouse/niche/foreign movie enthusiasts. Cinematik has an active community and forums where members can discuss these classic and rare movies in a friendly environment. Like its counterparts, Cinematik keeps away from Hollywood and Bollywood. You won’t find any new Hollywood blockbusters or mainstream movies here. I think it would be approprate to name Cinematik as a micro version of Karagarga. Whereas Karagarga has many rips, Cinematik does not have any DVD-rips or BD-rips. No surprises here, you will only find full DVDs and full BDs here. Cinematik has around 6000 users and 57000 torrents.
    • Maintaining a ratio without a seedbox or uploading your stuff is hard here, but you will be fine as long as you snatch the freeleech (Golden Torrent) torrents as soon as they are uploaded. However, keeping a good ratio can be a bit tricky as there is no bonus system implemented. Luckily, they have global freeleeches several times a year. Rules clearly state that you have to seed torrents to 1:1 ratio or for a minimum of 3 days.
    • Cinematik.net is a great private tracker that has the best collection of rare and exclusive movies. All the films are created in a good quality. You cannot find very popular expensive films on Cinematik. But, anyway the tracker is usefull for any user, there are a lot of art house movies.
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    • Tracker Ratings
    Pretimes -
    Content 9 / 10
    Speed 9 / 10
    Community 9 / 10
    Overall 9 / 10
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    Can you tell me how many Points I sent you? I think I sent you 15K by mistake, please tell me how many Points you received from me.

    I sent you 15K Points by mistake and 1K if I sent you 15K please let me know, you have to send back 15k in case I just send you 15k by mistake, not sure what I did, just tell me, if I didn't send you 15k forget about it. Just continue posting whatever you want.

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