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★★ WithTiredEyes Selling Store : BeyondHD , Aussierul.es ,FunFile.Org , TranceTraffic , TasManit.es , JpopSuki.eu | Check INSIDE ★★

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Welcome .::TiZ::. Members 

This is my selling thread here , check for the available stuffs & PM me 


Aussierul.es (2$ USD/ 2K)
BeyondHD (10$ USD/10K)

DesiTorrents.tv  (5$ USD / 5K)
3DTorrents  (3$ USD /3K)
Orpheus.network (15$ USD/15K)
Concertos.live   (10$ USD/10K)
FunFile.Org    (1$ USD/1K)
TranceTraffic   (3$ USD/3K)
TasManit.es     (2$ USD/2K)
JpopSuki.eu    (5$ USD/5K)
CartoonChaos   (10$ USD/10K)
UHDBits        (15$ USD / 15K)
BitSpyder      (1$ USD /1K)
Nebulance.io    (15$ USD / 15K)
Fano.in          (4$ USD /4K)


If you want anything NOT listed here , just PM me & i will get it for you 🙂 

Lifetime warranty is granted !

Accept BitCoins / .::TiZ::. Bonus points .









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Seller analysis:

Seller rating : 9/10

Accepted payment method : 10/10 - He accepts Points aswell, and crypto. I see no paypal, but paypal is shit anyway. So rating remains 10/10.

Warranty : 10/10 (lifetime)

Prices : 9/10 (some are low prices, some are medium, some are medium to high) - overral good prices.

Stock : 8/10 (I don't know how many he has, but I don't think he has too much)

Reflects prices : 10/10

Quantity of available trackers 8/10. (Not a very big stock) - maybe he will add more in the future

Time in torrent world : 8+ years (10/10)

Good luck selling!

Will provide further analysis another time.

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