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    Uploader of the Month Contest

    As with previous months, we will continue the tradition of

    Uploader of the Month

    Aither has graciously approved yet another random Steam game, granted to 1st place.

    I will update the main thread:
    Uploader of the Month

    If you have any questions, go ahead and reach out to someone on here, or our Discord:
    Aither Discord Server

    Enjoy, people. This is still a new tracker. We're growing. Our content is growing. Invite your friends.
    You are all a part of the originals that are building this foundation.
    Let's show people what a real tracker can be.

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    Security check for Unit3d needs help

    At the moment, the dev of unit3d (our tracker code base) are going to start security tests. This means hiring "engineers" to try and get pass the security. This is just as important as it is for all Unit3d trackers. Security we all value.

    So please consider helping the dev, to do that follow link below.


    Thank you.

    Dearest regards...

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    �� Opening IRC Server | Closing Discord Server

    We are closing the discord server to move primary chat into the integrated "Chatbox" on the start page.
    In addition we are opening an IRC Server for support and secondary chatting option. Check the link for details and a HowTo for everyone who's new to IRC.


    IRC Server

    Join our IRC Server!

    All infos and a guide for those who are new to IRC can be found here


    We are about to slowly close this discord server due to privacy concerns (discord collects a lot of information and stores sent messages). For a tracker with a high priority in privacy, this is no longer a service we want to offer to our users. As an alternative to discord, we recommend the built in Chatbox and our new and anonymous IRC Server.

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    Running this tracker for our awesome community requires a lot of time and during time a lot of money as well.
    We want to serve you with lightning speed and full world of content, this is why we choose quality over quantity if it comes to our hoster.

    In order to keep Aither running and even grow bigger, we need your help!


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