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  • Brasil Tracker News

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    Google Translation:

    New additions (changes) to the site:

    - Tracker changed to SSL. There is no need to download the files again, the previous configuration continues to work. If you want to change the queued torrents just download the .torrent again or go to Upload and copy your announce URL and edit the torrents;
    - Added comment in .torrents with the link to access the upload;
    - Added "source" field in .torrents to facilitate cross-seeding. The tracker will add the "private" flag, the "comment" field and the "source" field automatically. Therefore, all new releases will be mandatory to download the .torrent file from the upload to enter the seed. With cross-seeding you can seed from an upload on two trackers without worrying about wrong statistics or peer leak.

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    Google Translation:


    - a page was created with user downloads
    - download page errors have been translated into Portuguese
    - the files now have the BrasilTracker tag before the torrent name
    - now JS loads the browser url when assembling on rss
    - errors are better displayed to the development team
    - imdb ids are now validated before pulling imdb information
    - now the site has an HnR system that is in beta
    - a game api has been added that searches and autocompletes the fields
    - now the points store sends the amount correctly in the post form
    - tag page aliases mysql_real_escape_string has been replaced by db_string
    - rss are available in the home's html
    - we added new genres to the games
    - game genres now correspond to a global variable
    - opensearch script has been removed from the site temporarily
    - the validation form now checks for floats.
    - dead peers are no longer cleaned hourly to comply with HnR
    - the alert bar has been corrected, it is now responsive with the menus above and information below
    - channel was added to the alerts instead of the right bar
    - permissions on the tools have been fixed
    - apps and games do not group
    - donations that were not counted before are now
    - alertsbox on brpt are configured correctly

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    Google Translation:

    HnR, Gaming API and SSL Tracker

    We haven't been here in a while, right?

    We were working on major changes to the site. The first of these is the HnR system that took a long time to be developed and tested so that everything happens correctly and everyone can make their downloads.

    We also have a games API so that the releaser can upload his files with less work, most of the fields are now filled in automatically.

    And lastly our tracker now has an SSL version (which is now the standard on the site), this guarantees the security and integrity of the information exchanged with the tracker

    Do you want to know details about the news? Want to comment on them? Click here to do this

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    Google Translation:

    -------- Update 9/15/2020 ------------

    Here is the noodle programmer, I am very happy to let the community know that the number of peers on the site has increased by 100%, that is, we now have twice the number of peers and seeders.

    This news shows that HnR was a great implementation for the health of the site, despite some bugs that I have noticed and I am thinking of ways to resolve. Keep seeding and make BT one of the largest torrent sites in Brazil!

    Always BT.

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