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    Google Translation:

    Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day and Anniversary Celebration Activities

    Dear members:

    Starting from September 20th: 20% off on invitations, downgrading the invitation level to EU
    From September 30th: Sitewide Freeleech
    October 10th, Day of Celebration: Double the upper limit of karma value
    October 11th 0:00: All activities end

    Happy holidays

    BY THE WAY: Please do not send invitations on public forums and groups such as Tieba. Offenders "cut down trees".

    Back Pot Man
    KEEP FRIENDS Management Group

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    Google Translation:

    Rule update

    Multiple IP:

    An IP address can only be used by one user for the PT client (browser access is not affected), for example: different users can use the same ladder to access this site, but users in the shared box, dormitory, school, and intranet, Only one person can seed on the public IP.

    Back Pot Man

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    Google Translation:

    New Year Message

    Dear members,

    at this moment, the lanterns are on, and thousands of families are reunited. The new year is approaching, and I hope the mountains and rivers are beautiful and the country is peaceful! We wish peace and prosperity, happiness!

    Note 1: Originally posted https://www.zhihu.com/question/27309412
    Note 2: This year is the Year of the Ox.
    Note 3: It’s blown out, my friend (https://tieba.baidu.com/p/6357034182)

    Thank you everyone!

    Back pot Man

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    Google Translate:
    About the invitation
    The invitation itself is for everyone to introduce high-quality users to join our big family.
    On the one hand, we don’t want users to spam invitations. On the other hand, we also want to give newcomers a chance.
    For PT, every contributor is worthy of respect.

    However, there has been news recently that some people have sent invitations to hope that the magic power will be returned after a period of time.
    I am here to make it clear that this requirement is a transaction.
    Please don't do this again.

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