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    • 2 weeks later...

    Google Translation:

    National Day activities

    1. 10/1-10/3 Sitewide freeleech for 3 days
    2. Open registration, the maximum number of people is 6888. Registration will be closed automatically when the quota is full, and registration is to continue by invite
    3. Q group lottery small activities, the prize designated a bottle of red wine, freight charges

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    Google Translation:

    10/15 update on assessment and adjustment

    1. Newly added seeding ratio (SLTR) requirement: 6
    Torrent Seeding Ratio (SLTR) = Torrent Seeding / Downloading time ratio can be queried on personal page
    2. Those whose assessment deadline is after 10/15 will be affected
    Please pay attention to your own seeding ratio (SLTR) requirements in time
    Registered before 3.10/1 but the seeding ratio (SLTR) is unqualified and the ban is caused. Please send an email to the management. Exemption based on actual data

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    • 1 month later...

    Google Translation:

    Important Notice

    Due to some recent news, this site may enter the closed login mode
    Please do the following:

    1. Do not log out of the site
    2. Join QQ or TG group to get the latest news
    3. Bind the TG robot, you can get a temporary login intersection when the login mode is closed
    4. Save cookies for emergencies

    This site QQ exchange group *****
    TG chat 
    group https://t.me/hddolby
    TG news announcement https://t.me/hddolby_news
    TG robot @hddolbybot

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    Google Translation:

    We introduce a bonus point system

    For details, click to view: Instructions on making seed points on this site.

    Click on the ID in the upper left corner to enter the personal information page to check the individual seed points.
    You can also use userdetails.php?id=
    = and then fill in the UID to view other people’s seed points

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