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August audiobook uploading contest

August audiobook uploading contest

Start date: 2020 August 1st
End date: 2020 August 31st

Contest goal is to upload as much torrents as possible in a single month. Every upload will give you 100 karma points after the contest ends. There will be extra prizes for top 3 uploaders.

1st place will get 3 weeks freeleech and extra 5000 karma points
2nd place will get 2 weeks freeleech and extra 3500 karma points
3rd place will get 1 week freeleech and extra 2000 karma points

BONUS: If we reach total 200 uploads during this contest global freeleech will be activated for 3 days.

- All ABTorrents rules apply.
- Only audiobooks allowed.
- Each entry must be unique upload (meaning it's not already existing torrent here).
- Prizes will be distributed after the contest.
- If contest doesn't get at least 25 audiobook uploads, contest is cancelled.
- Staff members (Sysop, Coder, Administrator, Moderator) are not allowed to participate.

Uploaders application can be filed here: uploadapp.php

If this contest becomes a success expect more of them and in more variety, we love having an active community.

Link to the forum thread:

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