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Google Translation:

Dear users!

The site upload competition has begun!

Duration of the competition:
01/08/2020 - 01/09/2020



V.I.P. rank for 3 months
300 GB upload
30,000 bonus points
Donor star


V.I.P. rank for 2 months
250 GB upload
20,000 bonus points
Donor star


V.I.P. rank for 1 month
200 GB upload
10,000 bonus points
Donor star


150 GB upload
5000 bonus points


100 GB upload
3000 bonus points


50 GB upload
1000 bonus points

Torrents participating in the competition

Film / HD1080p / Hun
Film / UHD / Hun
Film / HD720P / Hun
Music / MP3 / Eng
Music / MP3 / Hun
Tale / Hun
Films / BDRip / Eng
Film / Xvid / Hun
XXX Movies

Torrents uploaded to the contest will only be valid once approved by the staff!

* When uploading, check the Contest Upload box!

We wish all participants good luck!

here to see the current status of the competition

Witch-Hunter Staff

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