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    Google Translation:

    Haitang PT site announcement!

    According to the previous announcement, we have deleted the categories of TV series, documentaries and e-books; and added the 4K video (advertising) category, which is mainly used for display and appreciation, and has fewer updates.
    Currently the main category *Fuyi (with acoustic crosstalk > opera)* is about small capacity X265/X264 movies, 4K movies
    (Finally, don’t release movies, TV shows, and other resources for 4K videos)
    In order to compensate for the removed releases comrades, we decided to give all 10GB of upload, as a gesture from the site.


    A mandarin duck is in the water, a pear blossom presses a begonia

    All members have been given 10GB worth of upload, we wish you a happy viewing and listening!

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    Google Translation:

    We believe you all know that all major, medium and small sites are gradually closed for visitor entries, due to reasons that have not been known recently; Haitang has also closed registration (opening time to be determined); if the ban is over, we may also close visitor entries; please do not log out, and save the cookies, just in case.

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    Google Translation:

    Website announcement

    Announcing some of the website settings that you recently asked about.
    (1) Users who have no traffic (ie upload/download data are 0) will be deleted by the system if they do not log in for 45 consecutive days.
    (2) If an unsealed account is not logged in for 45 consecutive days, it will be deleted.
    (3) If the archived account is not logged in for 365 consecutive days, it will be deleted.
    (4) (Captive) Peasant account will be banned if it fails to improve the sharing ratio within 30 days.
    (5) 5% may become 50%. Default '5' / 60% may become free. The default '2' / 1% may become 2X free
    (6) Upon releasing a new seed, the user will get 500 karma points if he releases a new seed. The default is '15'.
    We are not ready to open the registration for the time being. If you have an invitation, please send it as soon as possible, and the invitation level may be adjusted. Friends who like Quyi are welcome to build a Haitang section.
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    Google Translation:

    Announcement on increasing the invitation level restriction

    We have upgraded the invitation level to: (old student) Power User level, I hope you are familiar with it.

    Recently, the system has automatically cleaned up nearly 700 idle accounts that did not generate data after registration. PT is a niche fun park; Haitang is an indispensable small shrimp site.

    The invitations sent are wasted, so it is better to replace them with upload and download more operas to listen to.

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    Google Translation:

    Website temporary closure announcement

    A recent article maxed out the PT and BT circles:
    More than 20,000 works were pirated and published by Renren Film and Television Subtitle Group, and 14 people were arrested.
    ************************************************** ****************
    Web Digest:
    Tall poppy syndrome is a popular term in Australia and New Zealand. When a person achieves a certain degree of success in society, it provokes invariant, spontaneous, and collective criticism from the community; it is called in China: the gun hits the head.
    ************************************************** ****************
    Regarding the alarm bells ringing, the management team could not ignore it; the trembling legs warned us that "Ten Don't", "Tears from Behind Bars", "Banknotes" and "Sorrowful Sorrow" are not good pop songs.
    Although most of Haitang's content is folk art resources, some people say that real-name registration is fine; there is nothing wrong with publicizing traditional culture.
    But there is one infringing work among the 100, the Justice League will use these to report you, and he will definitely say that we do not understand the bad guys of intellectual copyright.
    ************************************************** ****************
    After the decision of the management team, we backed up the data of all Haitang PT users before 20:00 on February 3, 2021; then the website will be temporarily closed. Please wait for the specific opening time.
    During the closing period, please do not delete the files that have been preserved, otherwise it will become a dead stop for 0 preservation after opening one day; then... ...
    By the way, we are temporarily shutting down the website, not running away, don't spread rumors. Remember we are to temporarily close the station, not to close visits by tourists. Tracker will also be unable to communicate.
    If in doubt, add QQ group: ******.

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    Google Translation:

    Temporary opening notice

    The opening of the site this time is for debugging the system, if it is closed again, the Tracker will not be closed.
    W**** helped to preserve the torrents. X**** was most afraid that no one would protect the torrents. Thank you for your support to Haitang.



    Whether the temporary site functioning system is continuously turned on; unknown... ...

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