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Google Translation:

The number of site population and the number of uploads is close to the server limit, and the invitation will not be opened on a large scale until the hardware performance is improved

During the Spring Festival, the upper limit of about 200 people may be raised.
In the future, the working group can send 8 invitations per month, and the VIP can send 5 invitations per month.

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Google Translation:

During the improvement of the site, many members have made a lot of suggestions, thank you this!
Everyone's suggestion, in fact, the technical group saw, sorry, no one reply!
Now the current interface is not the final version, which is still in constant improvement, which will be compatible with the advantages of various architectures.

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Today's Lantern Festival, the whole site will be free for 1 day. The whole team of Lemons wishes you all a happy Lantern Festival and reunion!

===Encyclopedia=== The

Lantern Festival is a traditional Chinese festival. The formation of the Lantern Festival custom takes a long time. According to general information and folklore, the fifteenth of the first lunar month has been paid attention to in the Western Han Dynasty. The activity of offering sacrifices to the "Taiyi" in Ganquan Palace was regarded by posterity as the first sign of offering sacrifices to the gods on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month.

In the beginning, the seasonal snack for the Lantern Festival was not Lantern Festival. In the Southern Dynasty, it was bean porridge or rice porridge boiled with meat and animal oil. In the Tang Dynasty, it was a kind of silkworm-shaped pasta and scones until the Song Dynasty. Only then did Yuanxiao made with glutinous rice flour and fructose appear, but it was not called Yuanxiao at that time, but instead called floating yuanzi or tangyuan.

As the saying goes, harmony makes money. Family harmony and family reunion are so important to a complete family. Therefore, during the Lantern Festival, you must eat the "Luanxiao" with your family.

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The user can set the [default display mode] in [Personal Settings] in [Control Panel]  Site follow-up improvement plan: 1. Continue to improve the grouping (Gazelle) display details 2. Independent revision of the animation section 3. Independent revision of the music section 4. Adjust the menu of the whole site and beautify the layout 5. Add the function of customizing the layout color

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2021.04.30- Happy Labor Day cum movie version entry event
Movie version entry activity

1. Activity time: May 1st to May 16th.
2. The minimum requirement for the entry seed is 1080P suppression, and the volume cannot be less than 6G.
3. The original entry is scored 8 points, and the other entries are scored 1 point. It is necessary to produce seeds and pass the review of the audit team to meet the requirements, and the seeds cannot be cut off within 15 days after the end of the activity.
4. Participants who have created more than 30 entries during the event can get the donation mark of love and are immune to accounts that are banned because they do not log in for a long time.
5. Participants who have created more than 60 entries during the event can get a permanent yellow star sign, immune to account banned due to long-term failure to log in, and double the magic power.
6. The top 10 rewards with the highest score during the event:
1st place, 2000 points are required, 15 invitations are awarded, 15 million magic power, 15T upload, over 2500 points, the original price of 2500 yuan NAS machine is rewarded, more than 4000 points are rewarded for permanent VIP.
The second place requires 1900 points, 14 invitations, 14 million magic power, 14T upload, and more than 4000 points reward permanent VIP.
The third place requires 1800 points, 13 invitations, 13 million magic power, 13T upload, and more than 4000 points reward permanent VIP.
No. 4, 1700 points are required, 12 invitations are awarded, 12 million magic power, 12T upload.
The 5th place requires 1,600 points, 11 invitations, 11 million magic power, and 11T upload.
The 6th place requires 1500 points, rewards 10 invitations, 10 million magic power, and 10T upload.
The 7th place requires 1,400 points, 9 invitations, 9 million magic power, and 9T upload.
The eighth place requires 1,300 points, 8 invitations, 8 million magic power, and 8T upload.
The 9th place requires 1,200 points, 7 invitations, 7 million magic power, and 7T upload.
The 10th place requires 1100 points, 6 invitations, 6 million magic power, 6T upload.

What is an entry?
To put it simply, you are in the movie version, and you publish a movie that is not available in the movie version, then you are the creator of this movie (entry).

================================================== =============================

First of all, all the members of the Lemon Working Group wish you a happy May Day. Don’t forget to accompany you after PT family, holiday, most happy reunion than a family of three, three peers and share a better life, and children together with their children grow up, tell the children of this world bit by bit ......

1, all stations for free download ( May 1 to 5), if you are still in the novice assessment period or the low sharing rate stage, please pay attention to your data.
2. Resuming visitor login and invitation registration.
3. The shopping mall fills up the warehouse inventory and has a 20% discount (May 1 to 5).

Congratulations to Snakepop for establishing a station on May 1 and becoming the first alliance station with Lemon. Welcome to Crazy User or above, lemon working group members, all donors access to official invitation District special stickers to learn more about and apply to join.
Note: Alliance sites have rules for connecting and sitting. One site account is disabled for violations (not including the prohibition of long-term non-login), and other affiliated sites' accounts will also be disabled.

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The qBittorrent 4.x series version has been found to have serious error reporting data problems in November 2020. In order to protect the interests of users, it is recommended to replace the client.
If you insist on continuing to use the qBittorrent 4.x client, you will be responsible for the abnormal download data caused by repeated reports.

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