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    TorrentBD Valorant Community League


    As many of you showed interest in our discussion post, we are finally happy to announce TorrentBD Valorant Community League. After analyzing the responses, we noticed that almost all of the respondents are solo players and don't have a pre-formed team. Hence, we decided to hold sort of a bidding tournament. If we can't find enough people who are willing to be Team Owners/Captains, we will just skip the bidding part and assign players to random teams. We will try our best to balance the random teams depending on registered player ranks. Also, if there are any pre-formed teams, they are more than welcome to join us. All participants must meet the requirements and must follow the tournament rules.


    ↢ B R A C K E T ↣

    ☄ If we have fewer teams, then the tournament format will be: Single Stage - Single Elimination
    ☄ If we have more teams than expected, then the tournament format will be: Two Stage - Group Stage[Round Robin] > Single Elimination

    ↢ R E Q U I R E M E N T S ↣

    ☄ Participants must be registered TorrentBD users.
    ☄ Participants must join and be present in Discord Team Voice Channel during the match.

    ↢ R U L E S ↣

    ☄ A participant is allowed to represent only one (1) team’s roster in the tournament.

    ☄ There will be a Coin Toss in Discord before a match starts. The Toss winner will choose the map and the loser will choose the side.

    ☄ Since most of us stay busy during day time, all the matches will be held in the evening between 7:00 PM and 1:00 AM. However, if any team wants to play during day time and if they can convince their opponent, they can do so.

    ☄ Server Setup must follow these Options - Allow Cheats: Off, Tournament Mode: On, Overtime: Win by Two: Off, Play Out All Rounds: Off, Hide Match History: Off, Servers: Singapore 1, Singapore 2. If both teams formally agree to play on another server then they are allowed to do so.

    ☄ If a player disconnects during the game, the game has to continue and will not be remade. However, if both teams agree and if there is a substitute for the leaver, then the match can be remade and previous match scores will be added to this match. The process is tough and scores will need to be counted manually.

    ☄ Once the match finishes, any of the team captains must take a screenshot of the results and post it in the #tournament-results on the TBD Valorant Discord after each game. Please use the following format:
    [Macth:69 - Team 1 13:7 Team 2]

    ☄ On the game result screenshot, results above the scoreboard, all the players and information of the match on the right of the results have to be visible.
    Example: Click Here

    ☄ All participants must remain polite and humble during the whole tournament. Show respect to & treat everyone the same way as you would like to be treated yourself.

    ☄ All cheats are completely forbidden to use under any circumstance. Participants found in doing so will face consequences.

    ☄ If anyone found smurfing, they will be dealt with on spot, the opponent team will make the choice.

    ☄ In case of any incident including cheating or smurfing, participants must inform the Hosts via Site or Discord PM instead of making a scene themselves.

    ↢ P R I Z E   P O O L ↣




    ↢ L I N K S ↣

    LoneWolf Registration: Click Here

    Pre-Formed Team Registration: Click Here
    [Only the Team Leader needs to fill out this form]

    Join TBDVCL Discord: Click Here

    Tournament Fixture & Results: Click Here
    [Tournament is not live yet. Stay Tuned]

    Registration Will Be Closed On 5 April 2021 At 11:59PM

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