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2022 Could Be The Best Video Game Year Since 2011


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September's massive Nvidia Geforce leak let slip the release dates of dozens of video games like Dragon Age 4 and even the existence of unannounced titles. This information dump was massive, leaking over 400 in-development games and release dates for all sorts of systems and consoles. PC gamers and console gamers alike have been pouring over the leaked document to try to find new titles even with the limited information it gives. The only things the leakers published was a document full of game names, developers, publishers, and release dates, so there's plenty of speculation currently about what these projects hold in store.

Putting these leaks into perspective, there is a difference between games that are launching soon and games that are still in development. Many of the titles announced for the service in 2023 and beyond are speculative and could be acting as placeholder titles to fill out the website. With this in mind, many of the games that had their 2022 release dates leaked have since been announced formally, as was the case with Warner Bros.' Hogwarts Legacy, which will release after Fantastic Beasts' next sequel. Also worth mentioning is that Horizon Forbidden West, which is currently slated to release February next year, was listed as having a September release date in the leak. It seems like the release dates are lining up fairly closely, if Elden Ring’s being three days off and it predicting the ActRaiser remake is anything to go off of.

If that’s the case, then Fall 2022 is going to be an incredible season for gaming, and even with October looking the weakest, there are more than enough titles in September and November to be excited about. Many different styles of games are coming out from different studios, and there’s a healthy amount of unknown and new projects to contrast with all the remakes and sequels. Deciphering the codenames and the original titles from the remakes is a hard task, but delve deep, and it looks as though there are some really exciting titles coming from Bethesda, The Coalition, Capcom, and more.

Gears 5 And Path Of Exile May Be Getting Sequels In Fall 2022

The Nvidia leak presents a few large-scale sequels that are releasing later in 2022, one of the biggest being Gears 6, whose eagerly anticipated campaign may drop on November 10. Not much is known about Gears 6 and this seems to be one of the first hints that production of the game is at least going on behind the scenes. While Gears 5 sets up a sequel with its ending, there hasn’t been an official reveal yet and the Nvidia leaks could give some early ideas as to the development cycle and future of the franchise.

Path of Exile is a bit of a different story. The original MMORPG has been supported by fans and its developers since the game’s initial launch in 2013, but the game is still quite old and ready for a rehaul. A sequel was announced in 2018 and was given the new release date of November 30 in 2022. It makes sense that the team at Grinding Gear has been working for a while on making a new entry in the franchise as it's been showing off Path of Exile 2's new weapons and locations, and even though it is only the second in the series, this potential new release date may mean large progress has been made towards the game’s release.

Starfield May Release In 2022

Bethesda has been working on Starfield for a while, announcing it in 2018 and finally pinning down a release date of November 11, 2022. The Nvidia leak seems on the same page, so the new space RPG epic will likely release then. The game is the behemoth of the Fall schedule - being Bethesda’s first original IP in a very long time and one of the first uses of its second Creation Engine, the game looks ambitious and is building hype quickly.

THQ’s Gothic also seems to be getting a remaster on November 17, and while it fits a different style and theme of RPG gameplay it does scratch some of the same Western RPG itches that The Elder Scrolls does without being Xbox exclusive. The original story-driven single-player experience was generally well-received and while not as immediately recognizable as Bethesda’s massive franchise, a remake could bring the series on par with other major games like Dragon Age or Fable. While there hasn’t been much news on Gothic from THQ Nordic’s website, there is evidence that it is not only in production, but it may have the economy of the game already mapped out.

Hytale May Finally Release In September 2022

Three years after its announcement, Hypixel and Riot Games has finally given a tentative release date for Hytale to Nvidia, and that date is September 1. Hypixel started out as a Minecraft server but its team has been working on a new game in the voxel style for quite some time now. Hytale is focused on development and user creativity, giving tools to not only make competitive minigames but also video tools to make machinima. It looks like a sandbox experience that is obviously very inspired by Minecraft and its community-driven decade-long city builds, but with the community supporting the game it should be worth checking out.

Fall 2022 Could See Monolith's Next Lord Of The Rings Game

Many of the names in the document point to unannounced games by larger studios that are probably placeholder names for the upcoming games. Creative Assembly, the team behind the Total War and Warhammer video games, is developing a game called out in the leak as “Hyena.” No mention of it exists on its webpage and it is hard to believe Creative Assembly has a new IP centered around hyenas, so this is probably a placeholder for one of its Total War-based projects.

Infinity Ward and Monolith also have their own projects, “Project Cortez” and “Codename Legacy” respectively. Codename Legacy releases on November 11 next year but there is no other information surrounding the project. Given its recent portfolio with Shadow of War and Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, another modern Lord of the Rings game from Monolith could be possible. Infinity Ward develops Call of Duty, and so Project Cortez will most likely be another entry in that series. However, the only information to go off so far is its potential October 19 release date.

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