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Trackers Levels ( 2015 Updated )

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2015 updated




Level 10

Mission: Impossible. The rarest of all private trackers.


  • AoM

  • Exigo

Level 9


These trackers besides being very rare have a very limited maximum membership count.


  • FSC

  • HDBits.org

Level 8

Even rarer. Mostly only staff members send out invites or invite applications.

Level 7

These trackers are very difficult to get in to. It may be easier to find someone who is giving away their account, as opposed to an invitation.

  • TS-Tracker

  • TheVault

  • GardenCenterStage

  • TorrentHeaven


  • Sinderella

  • HDCity.li

  • NorBits

Level 6

Rare trackers but not impossible.

  • PixelHD

  • PolishTracker

  • Bit-Vault

  • BTN

  • Revolution

  • TheOccult

  • HDCenter

  • BTGigs

  • BaconBits

  • InTheShadow

  • SceneHD

  • AwesomeHD

Level 5

Level 5 trackers are not given away for free. Everybody and anybody is trying to get into these sites from here up.


  • LzTr

  • LushLife.nu

  • BitHUme

  • PassThePopCorn

  • DVDSeed

  • FeedUrNeed

  • DigitalHive

  • GFT

  • HDCorea

  • Fux0r

  • x264

Level 4

Level 3


The trackers from this level and up are harder to get into. Having said that, most of these Level 3 sites are offered freely through tracker "giveaways".

  • bittorrentfiles.org

  • TehConnection

  • CosaNostra

  • TorrentLeech

  • bf.dyn.pl

  • HDTorrents

  • Waffles

  • BeatHau5

  • IPTorrents

  • PianoSheets

  • SceneFZ

  • FunFile

  • BlackCats-Games

  • GazelleGames

  • TVVault

  • UHDBits

  • TheHorrorCharnel

  • MySpleen

  • MyAnonamouse

  • TVTorrents

  • iPlay

  • Goem

  • Jpopsuki

  • TopHos

  • TotallyKids

  • DesiTorrents

  • Secret-Cinema

Level 2

These trackers are easy to obtain. Chances are you will get in these sites easily by asking in the invite section of tracker invite websites. Many of these are often open publicly to new signups, as well.

Acid-Lounge, AudioBookTorrents, Audionews, Audiozone, BeyondHD, BitLeechers, BitSoup, BitSpyder, BTNext, BWTorrents, ChinaHDTV, DanishBits, DimeaDozen, Diwana, Elbitz, EliteBits, ExtremeBits, FileBits, FileList.ro, FluxGamer, Gormogon, GFXNews, LearnBits, Midnight-Scene, NTorrents, PowerScene, ProAudio-Torrents, PussyTorrents, SceneTime, SceneTracker, ShareReactor, SoftTorrents, SoundDamage, Speed.CD, SwePiracy, TheInternationals, TheSharingZone, TheShow, TorrentBits.ro, TorrentBytes, TorrenTech, TorrentZilla, TranceBooster, TVJunkies, TV.Torrents.ro, UKNova, VIPv2, XBOX-Sky, XtremeZone, XW Torrents

These trackers are mostly often open for signups. Those looking to join can register with ease.

HDBits.ro, TVTorrents.ro, PussyTorrents, SceneTracker, SoftTorrents, SoundDamage, TheSharingZone, TorrentBits.ro, TorrentBytes, TorrentZilla, TranceBooster, TVJunkies, UKNova, VIPv2, XBOX-Sky, XtremeZone, XW Torrents, Libble, Demonoid, Bitshock, HD-Evolution, Twilights, SceneBits, PleasureDome, LearnFlakes, FuckLimits, DocsPedia.

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interesting im on one of them top of the tree trackers :D


guessing the tracker levels are based up on how rare the tracker is not how good the content is...


yep, it's just about how difficult is to get inside. Such thing turns out to be a problem for some users, since they get obcessed with the levels, becoming a collectionist. I much prefer a ranking about content. Nevertheless, this thread is useful to those interested about levels for trading, etccc

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Guest TizPirate

Working on it guys , thanks for backup

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How can exigo reach above hdb ? There are more vips +staff + staff from other sites (all 3 groups have direct invite)

I can understand aom as no invites exist, and only jacq can make new accounts

iTS is also pretty easy to get an invite for if you are clean, and have an old acc, so no way it should.be so.high

And yeah you miss some magic sites as mentioned mt + jn and they should go pretty high as well


A good add would be to make a "do invites exist"


AND try to look at lvl 1-2 as most are dupes, then make a "lower" instead and put them there,

+if would be nice to give that old fox that made that list on btracks some credit, even though you edited it a bit


And last.

Fix the headlines, they just dont fit anymore

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Great post! thanks.


I disagree, I think iTS is well hard to get into nowadays they vet every app with a fine tooth come now. and if you have not got a good high level tracker with a TB upload forget about getting a spot there. I agree with GF Level 7 and even higher in my opinion.

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